fs d 10

fs d 10
Fs Double Flip 10, Tahoe, CA, USA 2010.P: I.j. Valenzuela aka. The King of Kings Beach

Monday, October 17, 2011

popHDWR brand building trip!

It was the yearly HAYA trip to Salen, Sweden it all went down. Product testing in the most demanding conditions a brand has ever seen. The swedish party alps with some of the most crazy party animals from Norway! Ibitza or any other party island has never seen anything like it.... hmmm... maybe back in 2006 for the HAYA trip to Lanzarote, but thats a different story.

I will now show the new line for 2011. Available on the online store http://popheadwear.myshopify.com/

as you can see the beanies goes best with sex, drugs and rock&roll!

popHDWR makes you smile like Jack D. makes a chick spread her legs!
not referring to anyone of course;)

And when the rough mix party with play it usually turns into something like this..

When shit is popping the popping is shitnitzel!!!

For more of the electrifying popHDWR party till you drop edition check out http://popheadwear.myshopify.com/