fs d 10

fs d 10
Fs Double Flip 10, Tahoe, CA, USA 2010.P: I.j. Valenzuela aka. The King of Kings Beach

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Q&A of me by Yoshi from Japan!!! http://pophdwr.blogspot.com/

1 How did popHDWR become alive?

It was a classic moment of faith and coincidence. Every year as a pro rider for Rome Snowboards I was obligated to participate in the ASR tradeshow in Las Vegas. For me it was a nice mid season brake to get in touch with all my sponsors, go through next years line, work on signature products, met all the reps and party!

One day at the 2007 tradeshow I was walking around, pretty drunk as usual, when i bumped into Dan Walfish(co-CEO).  We started talking about this new idea he had for a headwear company. They way he presented the idea and his vision lighten a sparkle in my body. He told me about his dream of making a brand that was 100% true to actionsport and the lifestyle. The goal was to provide a high quality product with a classy design that would fit in any occasion. On slope and off slope. 

I later got to know Brian Finn(co-CEO, Designer) and Max River(co-CEO, technician) and we formed popHDWR. From thereon the company, the brand and our friendship has grown bigger and bigger, always with the same mentality of staying true to our roots and why we all love sliding sideways.

popHDWR is a brand of visions that nothing is impossible. If you believe and want something bad enough nothing can stop you from achieving your goal. Determination and staying true to what you believe in is the key to success.

popHDWR "keeping IT alive since 07"

2 How do you pick out your team riders?

popHWDR is a brand of high quality, design and style. This is what I look for in a rider. When you join popHDWR you become a part of our family.
We are in this industry for the same reason and therefor we should all feel as much part of the company.

I want to have riders that are committed to the lifestyle and that truly love the sport.
Style and the riders personality is very important to me as he or she is what reflects the company.

As of now we have a very sick team rooster. For Norway we have likes of Stian Solberg(YES, RUSTY), Daniel Ek(FORUM, ROCKSTAR), Kim Rune Hansen(BURTON) and Torjus Thomassen(DC).

In Canada we have two up and coming sick shredders Maxence Parrot and David Jacques. Make sure to look out for these young rippers in the near future!

For Japan I am very stoked to have Takumi Yahamoto and Chihiro Wada join the family(:

The team is growing worldwide with a lot of sick riders. I am very happy with the way things are going.

I look forward meeting new riders that will blow my mind with their skills(: