fs d 10

fs d 10
Fs Double Flip 10, Tahoe, CA, USA 2010.P: I.j. Valenzuela aka. The King of Kings Beach

Monday, July 25, 2011


Let the wild times begin. Unleash the fury of the party animal. Lock in your wife and your teens. The SESSION BBQ bash party was nothing less the a walk on the wild side.
The BBQ part of the party was at Geirs place! fun times hanging out with the Session Sarpsborg crew. the peeps that make the wheel go round. awesome group of people that love action sport and the joy it brings with it.

After BBQing, drinking and head banging to IN FLAMES we took the trip to the clubs and the city. lots of hot chicks and wild party peeps. the night was as fun as fun could get.

I brought the crew. or at least the ones that was left back to my crib for a little after party. ha ha! oh yes, afterparties are awesome. big fan of them. lets say we might have chugged a little to much of that Pisco i had brought back from a trip to Chile.

Lets just say we know how to throw a decent after party(:

Also unrevealed this treasure Geir was hiding! ha ha ha ha! way to go Geir. Tramp stamp of the year(;
Cant wait for the next SESSION summer party!