fs d 10

fs d 10
Fs Double Flip 10, Tahoe, CA, USA 2010.P: I.j. Valenzuela aka. The King of Kings Beach

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


yo! so if you didnt know already i am part owner of a sick ass company called popHDWR! in addition to being a rad action sport brand we also specialise in making custom made gear for other companies, events, shops etc.

this is one of our most recent clients!!

If you are interested in poppin up your company send us a mail at info@popheadwear.com  !!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Level Add 2011

This is the latest trick i learned. used to be a banger trick one season ago. Fs double cork 1080. Now it seems like it is just another stock trick you need in your arsenal of tricks in your bag. Anyways I am pretty stoked on putting this one down in the pow! Thanks to Level for running it and thanks to I.J Venezuela for capturing it! Tahoe, USA backcountry 2010 season!

Stomping tricks like this still gives you some glory moments and chicks love it. So go out and huck your shit(: